Charts structure how the graph is rendered


Charts are created from multiple Components, and are highly customizable. The best way to get acquainted with charts is to create different types of plots.

Creating a Chart

The following is the constructor for the chart. Now in practice not all of these items need to be individually specified. The example will make this clearer.

  • series: A list of series we wish to plot.
  • layout: This specifies how the chart will be laid out.
  • config: This configures the chart.
  • animated: This specifies whether the chart is animated.
  • transition_duration: If the chart is animated, this specifies the duration between the frames.

The Chart in Action

As the following example makes clear, we do not need to specify every single Component that constructs a Chart fully. We can sculpt the Chart specifying options where we need to.

An example can be found here: Your First Chart