This section will outline how markers may be styled, and what the different options for marker shapes are


Markers can be extensively styled with many different shapes available. In order to style a marker, we can do the following:

// we import the marker option which lets us specify the marker
import org.carbonateresearch.picta.options.Marker
import org.carbonateresearch.picta.SymbolShape._
// lets give the second series a red marker. Again we can 'compose' a marker using smaller components
val marker = Marker() setSymbol SQUARE_OPEN setColor "red"

val series = XY(x, y) asType SCATTER setName "Scatter" drawStyle MARKERS setMarker marker

// we not put brackets in the 'addSeries' function to ensure that addSeries picks up the right series'
val chart = Chart() addSeries(series) setTitle("Multiple series on one chart")


The crucial step is the setSymbol method which sets the markers to a red open square symbol.

This will produce the following example:


A full list of symbol shapes can be found in the API docs here:

Marker Styles