This section will outline what to expect in future releases of Picta.

Picta is under continuous, active development. Currently on the roadmap are the following developments:

  • Annotations: This will allow data points to be annotated on the plot.

  • Movies: Currently animated plots cannot be saved as movies, due to the limitations of saving HTML charts as films. It is hoped that all animated charts will eventually be able to be saved as films.

  • Sync colorbar to z-axis: At present the colorbar and z-axis for an XYZ plot are not synced. The plan is to link the z-axis values to the colorbar, so that in an animated plot the frames are directly comparable.

  • Add support for additional plots: Plots such as Ternary, Filled Area and Parallel Coordinate plots are not possible. Additional plots like these are planned to be added with future releases of Picta.